TeamSpeak Rules and Andress

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TeamSpeak Rules and Andress

Post by xTGaminG on Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:36 am

TS Andress =
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1. Of the use of TS
1.1 TS is free and unimpeded, could enter and to leave anybody (Player or Not), the any hour.
1.2 are allowed the free players circulation in any one of the available rooms that don't demand access passwords.
1.3 will only receive passwords, the special rooms, as example the rooms of Guilds.
1.4 Official XT- GaminG TeamSpeak Server, it can only be used for the conversation with base in one of our services, not being allowed the use of our rooms for instance to play in another Server, to do private meetings and conventions.

2. Behavior in the use of TS
2.1 The destined free rooms the races can be accessed by players of other races, since, don't get mixed up strategies or demand secret in a certain moment of the game. Safe in case of PNA , strategies of two united races or cases that follow that procedure line.
2.2 Are not allowed the use of names containing (long words), induction the pornography, that you/they exile the image of XT-GaminG or to use names going by members of Staff.
2.3 Any type of racism, (bulling), discrimination and fights, they will be reasonable punishments.
2.4 Are not allowed the use of images containing pornography, images with high violence degree, induction to illicit acts as change of your nickname.

3. Moderation of TS.
3.1 The moderation responsibility in general is so only of Staff, any other player, can for outrage to decide, to expel, to order any decision on any subject.
3.2 No player will receive CA (Channel Admin) for the free rooms. The moderation of those it will be done by Staff as mentioned in the item 3.1.
3.3 The leader of Guild that has your room maid will receive CA (Channel Admin) and it will moderate your channel in the way that to find reasonable, Staff in any moment it will interfere in the will of this. Save in cases of abuse of power in the use of the room.
3.4 the leader of Guild can give up CA (Channel Admin) to who he to find necessary for the moderation of your channel.
3.5 The attitudes of TS implicate In Game directly, punishment in TS can be applied in any other service XT-GaminG.

4. Accusations and punishments
4.1 accusations will only be accepted by recordings, without cuts or editions.
4.2 Can be accepted accusations with players testimonies, those will be analyzed by Staff.
4.3 Any final punishment will be applied by Staff, that judges and he/she decides in agreement with your criteria and values that it should be done to each differentiated case.

5. Pattern of the rooms and language.
5.1 The rooms received your standardized names, containing characters that should not be altered.
5.2 The rooms of Guilds should follow an identification pattern. Example: ? Guild Nome ?. The Sub-Channels of Guilds they don't need to follow any standardization.
5.3 Are not allowed the creation of Sub-Channels containing names with long words, induction the pornography, containing any discrimination type or that exile the name of XT-Gaming.
5.4 are just allowed the creation of 3 (Three) Sub-Channels for Guilds, exceeding that limit the rooms will be extinguished without previous warning.
5.5 All communication among the players can be made in any language.
5.6 The communication among Player / Staff should be made in: Portuguese, English or Spanish, being to criterion of the player to decide which language is more comfortable.

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