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Post by xTGaminG on Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:32 am


1.: Profanity, Expletives and Offenses.
Will be considered offenses, dialogues extremely libelous, racial, sexual, "bullying" or content inappropriate for children under 18 years. Any other situation arconde the race should be the mediator of punishment InGame. If you feel insulted or slandered a formal complaint should be referred to authorities from the server.

2.: They are prohibited:
Offensive Names, not pronounceable, or unidentifiable. Names that remind profanity, sexual organs, they use acronyms referring to swearing, which insult other players, that has special characters.

3.: Forgery.
It is forbidden for any player attempting to pass GM or WMD event or character from simply using the initials GM and ADM.

4.: Character or edition items.
Whichever method is used by software or by hackers pages receive the highest punishment imposed.

5.: Resource Hacker.
Any method used, additional files or in game, as the bug siege, speed hacker, hacker fly, Damage hacker or similar, through software or hackers pages receive the highest punishment imposed.

6.: Dupper.
Any character who is caught with a duplicate number, you receive the greatest punishment.

7.: Anti-Event.
Any character who decides to disrupt an event that is killing the participants or any other form that directly disrupt the event, will be punished.

8.: Disclosure or advertise another game server.
It is forbidden any kind of advertising within the game or any service xTGaminG.

9.: Torres and mines.
It is released the use of combat towers and traps in any respaw area. Only use are prohibited within the Safe Area.

10.: Flooder.
FLOOD chat will be considered any direct or indirect disallowing the player who receives the messages read other information from the server. Save commands in the councils of the races and events schedules CW.

11.: CW.
It is allowed to remain inside the chip or pass through the same to escape the target of another race. Such attitudes are not considered bugs. Continues to the placing of TORRES inside the chip.

12.: Helping the opponent
. It is forbidden to help the "opponent" (opposite race) to upload or hang CPT, Example, a Bellato Accretia help one, vice versa. one may only help players of their own race.

Note: This does not involve the issue of PNA's or war strategies.

13.: In-Game Languages.
It is not restricted to any language written in any chat. All must adapt, interpret and collaborate in the best shape possible for the good understanding of all players. Only ARCONDE must choose between English or Portuguese to lead his race in the hours necessary, CW, qualuqer events or situation that requires his command. Remember to write in two languages so that everyone understands, strengthens the race and friendship among all.

14.: In Safe Zone.
Prohibited use Dbuff's and Healing Buff within the Safe Zone, all who are caught will be subject to Block 2hrs for the first time, second time in one day block, the third in two days block, and the fourth time will be permanent.

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